Welcome to our June monthly newsletter!

It is now June which means the financial year has almost ended! If you would like to book in early for your annual tax then please contact our office for an appointment. We are also more than happy to correspond electronically should you be unable to come into our office. We will be offering our discounted rates at tax time again so make sure you book in before October to save on your accounting fees.
Monthly tax tip:
The Federal Budget revealed a change in the way self-education expenses can be claimed. Previously, the first $250 of the expense was non-deductible, e.g. $1000 paid on course fees would result in a $750 tax deduction. This has now been scrapped, making all self-education expenses tax deductible. But of course we all know that tax law is not black and white and there are still hoops to jump through to make a legitimate claim. The study that you are undertaking must relate to your current employment to the extent that a nurse cannot claim self-education expenses to become a doctor – it really has to relate to only the current taxable income that you have made in the year of claiming.

The expenses that can be claimed include course and tuition fees, internet and computer costs, stationery and office expenses, textbooks and resources, student union fees and travel costs if travel is required for classes, exams, etc. You would also need to be able to show that the study that is being undertaken maintains or improves the specific skills or knowledge you require in your current employment activities or that it results in or is likely to result in, an increase in your income from your current employment activities.

If you are an employer and choose to pay for your employees to undertake study then that can be claimed as a business expense, however fringe benefits tax would apply if the employee wouldn’t usually be able to claim the costs as a deduction if they were to pay for it themselves. If you are unsure about this and what can be provided for your employees or what can be claimed as self-education expenses then please contact our office.

Important Dates!
5 June:

  • Lodge 2020 tax return by this date to avoid failure to lodge on time penalties when lodgement due date is 15 May

21 June:

  • Lodge and pay May 2021 monthly business/instalment activity statement

30 June:

  • Superannuation contributions must be paid by this date to claim a tax deduction for the 2021 financial year
  • 2020 tax return must be lodged by this date to continue receiving child care subsidy and family tax benefit payments
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