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There are exciting things happening for the Chesterton Accounting team this October, a new baby will be joining us! Our managing senior accountant, Zoe Chesterton, will be taking some time off to enjoy her newest bundle of joy. During this period, the team will still be able to continue to provide services as usual to you and your business. However, if you require more complicated business or taxation advice then Zoe will be available for phone appointments or correspondence via email.

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Monthly tax tip:

The first quarter of the year is over, which means that it’s now a great time for small business entities to have their tax completed. The skills and technology boost was announced in the federal budget last year but is definitely not a tax incentive to forget about. The boost allows small business entities to claim an extra 20% tax deduction on skills and training expenditure for employees and technology expenditure. E.g. a business pays $1,000 for an employee to complete a course for skills used in their job so they are able to claim a total tax deduction of $1,200 under this incentive. Please see below for the list of eligible expenditure:

Small Business Technology Investment Boost:

  • digital enabling items – computer and telecommunications hardware and equipment, software, internet costs, systems and services that form and facilitate the use of computer networks
  • digital media and marketing – audio and visual content that can be created, accessed, stored or viewed on digital devices, including web page design
  • e-commerce – goods or services supporting digitally ordered or platform-enabled online transactions, portable payment devices, digital inventory management, subscriptions to cloud-based services and advice on digital operations or digitising operations, such as advice about digital tools to support business continuity and growth
  • cyber security – cyber security systems, backup management and monitoring services.

Small Business Skills & Training Boost:

The bonus deduction is available for expenditure for the provision of training to one or more employees of your business. The training provider must meet certain registration criteria for the bonus deduction.
You can check for registered providers at:

This incentive became active from 29 March 2022 (budget release date), however cannot be claimed until the 2023 tax return is prepared. This means that business owners (with the help of their accountants) will need to now go through these expenses to ensure that they are not forgotten about. As usual, there are many rules, exclusions and caps that will be applied to these incentives so please contact our office before getting too excited about it so we can let you know exactly how this will affect your tax claims.

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Important Dates!

21 October:

  • Lodge and pay September 2023 monthly business/instalment activity statement

28 October:

  • Lodge and pay quarter ending 30 September 2023 activity statement if lodging by paper
  • Make super guarantee contributions for quarter ending 30 September 2023 to funds by this date

31 October:

  • Final date to sign up with a tax agent to receive the lodgement concession for the 2023 tax return
  • Lodge 2023 tax return if lodging without a tax agent by this date

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